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Hey everyone! I've been addicted to Guild Wars for quite some time! And i've always dreamed of getting my character drawn by a really awesome illustrator :)

I really want to know your recommendations for illustrators who do commissions like this! I'm dying to get this done please let me know! :D

Open to all styles but i tend to lean toward more anime styles :)
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Hello all!

I've been getting a lot of inquiries for album covers through deviantart lately. And a few people are shocked that i charge about $225 for just a album cover. I'd like to quote a great designer i know who said:

"No money, No apartment."

I'm doing a 100% new and unique design for your band. If your selling your CDs at $10-$12 a cd, all you have to do is sell around 2 dozen albums and you've made your money back. You'll probably be selling a lot more than that so you can't tell me that i'm ripping you off.

Designing is not easy. Please respect me and my craft.
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It's been sooooo freaking long since i've posted anything, and now i'm back! :D I'm going to be posting a bunch of stuff i keep forgetting to post. Keep your eyes peeled :)
I never imagined i'd get a second one! I woke up to about 150 messages in my inbox and it doubled to about 450 by the end of the day! Thank you to everyone who favorited it and hello to my new followers!
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Hey everyone! I created a Society6 account and made two studios so far! first one is GlamRokk which is a partnership between me and :iconglampop: (! and the second one is called ElektroRokk!( Which is my own personal work. You can buy prints and have them shipped to you from Society6.

Anyway! Check it out pleaseee. Even if you don't buy anyway, :]
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Hello everyone! Whoa it really doesn't even hit me to update this journal. Twitter? Yeah, Facebook? Yeah. But not this haha. And this is probably the number one site i'm on. Anyway, Things have been GO over here. TypeClub is really getting around, we made 200 buttons for Family Weekend here at Ringling and sold quite a bit. Commissions have been sloooow. and of course school work has blown up on me. Submitted to A5 magazine finally, friend is making a book with young designers in it, people talking crap about me, making friends, making enemies,

Website redesign :]

Maybe i'll update later! but i can't think of much else to say!
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If you guys don't know about HypeForType, Than you should! HFT is a brand new Type Foundry created by Thinkdust.  I've boughten a couple of fonts from there and i'm very happy with them :] Check it out!

Also I've been featured in HFT's Blog! It's a huge honor for me considering i don't get featured a lot and i love Thinkdust :]-->

Whoa i though i had more news than that. Ah well,
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I won a merit award in Creative Quarterly's 16 issue, They added a Runner's up category so i though i won something really special!.. but i think that the Merit award is just an honorable mention category. So that was a little disappointing.

In other news I can't design to save my life right now. So expect hollow attempts at posters and such.

Oh and buy The Sims 3.
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I got a Daily Deviation!! I came home to 280+ messages and i freaked out! I can't believe i actually got one D: Thank you to everyone who has supported me as well as my new watchers! This is something i've dreamt of ever since i joined Deviantart! :D I have some more work(including possible website mock-ups) i've been wanting to posting some stuff but i've been busy with finals D:

People seem to like my space work! Which i'm surprised because i've been wanting to work on them but i was afraid it was coming out terrible =S. But i have another version of The Eternal Night, Before it was Eternal hahah. It's a failed version that resulted in the one that's up now =] I also have another that fits into the same series.

The term is almost over (3 more days!) so yay to that! 3 months of no stress :D

And i had Taco bell for the first time the other day.. It's rather.. great hahah. I'm addicted to the Chicken Quesadillas D:

Anyway! Back to packing my room D:! (That's my new twitter name!)
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WHOA so long since i've written anything! But I'm always bad at this :P That's why my twitter is so much easier than blogging, i really can't do it. So here's a summary!

A lot of things are happening!

There hahah, Oh and i might be getting an internship at REAX music magazine :D

I hope everyone enjoys my experiments a bit as i try to expand my style a little. Upperclass men are telling me my work is too trendy and i need to use some traditional typefaces. So i'm trying to mix it up a little.
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Yay Christmas! It's the happiest time of the year =], At least to me. Even if you don't celebrate the religious side of Christmas, you should still take part in the human celebratory side of giving and being with the ones you love. Anyway, that's my rant that i had planned, jammed into a sentence. Merry Christmas :D

I'm working with another artist on some pieces to be in his book that he's releasing early next year, I want to post what i have but I can't yet! So i'll have to wait.

In misc' news, my Xbox 360 is freezing up and giving me the red ring sometimes; and although i fixed it, It's only temporary.

Anyway, i guess that's all!, so i wish you all Merry Christmas! and Happy Hanukkah! And everything else :D! Thank you for the 18 000 pageviews!, It's a nice Christmas gift.
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Ahhh! I hit 16 000 pageviews!! :DD Thank you so much everyone for viewing my work and listening to me complain the whole way haha. I really hope everyone enjoys actually seeing me reproduce the same crap all the time haha. I feel bad for you poor people =P Now only to get to the 80 000+ :icon1nnu3ndo: Has >.>

In other news i got my own website! :D! It's not much, because uh, i'm a terrible web designer haha. But I hope that i can make it so much better! =]

Thank you to :iconpica-ae: for the amazing Moleskine icon! =]

Stay tuned again!
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[This is coming out so cool! I want to get it on a shirt! :D, Does anyone know any website to submit T-Shirt design to? besides Threadless because i'll get destroyed.]

College sucks ='[ It's extremely difficult and other things aren't helping it at all. I'm just trying to finish all my work early and everything. I highly doubt i'll post any of my work from there here though. It's all pretty terrible. My work is usually the work that everyone points something bad about. *shrug* Any work other than my digital personal work sucks honestly haha.

My Munny is coming along nicely =] All of the black parts are finished and i'll post a photo of it soon =]
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There is too much crap going on to explain. Just know that it's terrible College is really killing me. To actually get live updates on my pain-staking days, follow me on twitter! Oh! And also my blog! I'll be using it a lot more. I'll just have to continue hiding my feathers from her.

More to the subject that's on my mind. Models! I need models =[ That live around me of course. Females >>.. no men please. but yeah! anyone in the Sarasota area looking to model and hang out i'm ready =]! Just note me or contact me! I'm new to this so please help me haha. I have basically no ideas on me! =[

So yes! I need to update this more!

Edit: The first time i went into :iconxletsxmoshx:'s room i couldn't stop looking at the 5 foot painting!… It was, and still am, amazed by it. Please check her work out and fav that piece! =D

See you!
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I really don't know what to do with this.…


Many things happening.. might post about it later.. check my twitter for real time updates.
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I never saw the purpose behind Twitter, A sort of "What are you doing now?" Thing. It seemed like the only people that would actually get followers are famous internet people! [Fred Gallagher, Creator & Artist of Megatokyo] But ever since i downloaded the Twinkle App for my Iphone, I've been very into Twittering[Which is very fun to say] Twinkle is basically Twitter, but in Iphone app form. A unique feature of it is it's ability to let you get updates within a certain mile range of where you are. You can set the range anywhere from 1, 5, 10, 25, 1000 miles or everywhere! xD So anyway! I've linked my Twinkle account with my new Twitter account, If anyone is interested xD;;

You should sign up to! I promise to follow you guys =]
My Twitter page:

Here's a couple of featured artists since I figure i have some sort of exposure.
Features! [More to come possibly!]
:iconbelovedfable: -
:iconsagemaria: -
:iconninathedominatrix: -
:iconsteelxcorpsez: -

Artists of Gurhal Club! The best PSU art community!
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I want to collab really badly..

Some of you amazing artists give me something to work! I'll try to not screw it up. >.>

Oh and about the resource pack... i made the brushes but they came out bad, than got erased..

So if you want some grungey smudge ones like in one Disco Death piece, i can put some up =]

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On my trip to Ringling, i visited the Graffiti wall. While there i stumbled upon something... a Needle cap. It was iced in dirt but i cleaned it up.

For people unfamiliar with graffiti caps, the needle cap spits paint, making nice spots of spray paint... :3

So! using my spray paint, camera and new needle cap!, I'm making Spray Paint Splat brushes! I'm debating whether to put it up for download =x
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Argh.. I'm sick..

I haven't gotten sick in so long.. My immune system is usually pretty strong. My grandfather swears its the spray paint in my room.. not likely.

Anyway.. i hope this ends soon...

Gah kill me.
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